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Peer Reviewed Documents


Each article in this collection was pulled from sites that specialize in peer reviewed documents. These sites included Capella University’s online library, Sage Publications, Proquest, EBSCO, ERICS, as well as numerous others. As the site grows, the articles will be categorized further, and will include a search engine so that students may look for specific articles.

I have also included a citation (Where possible), and the abstract of the article (where possible). Each document is available for direct download here on this site. Just click the link and save the document to your hard drive.

If you find a document and cannot figure out the citation from the text, just type it into google and you will find it. I will attempt to add cites to the ones that do not have a cite somewhere in the document. However, if your browsing this site for documents you should know how to cite from the contents of the document.

Each document has been thoroughly scanned personally for viruses, Trojans, or macros and is clean and safe for download. These documents are in Adobe PDF or Word format.

Criminological Theory - (40)

Department of Corrections - (48)

Female Offender Issues - (38)

Juvenile Justice Issues - (44)

Legal Issues - (41)

Research Issues

Sociological Issues (34)

Sex Offender Issues - (11)

The Weed and Seed Initiative - (9)

Teaching Adults


More Collections to come