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Professional ethics in Criminal Justice - Paul Frame 2010

This article discusses some of the ethical practices within the criminal justice system and it's agencies.



The Development of Integrated Theories in Criminal Justice - Paul Frame 2011

"The best quote found regarding the integration of theories in criminal justice is that; “a testable theory is one that is sufficiently explicit for the specific hypothesis and empirical data relevant to it to be identified.” Throughout history scholars, writers and criminologist have been trying to discover the true nature of crime and criminals. They come up with theories as to why one person would commit gruesome crimes yet others shy away from crime or are disgusted by it altogether. There is no one answer but a combination of beliefs, environment, education, parental ties, and peer associations that help in determining if one is to become a criminal or not."



The MAD Experience

Video game addiction is a very serious problem among today's youth. How far will one go for the sake of a game....



Detroit's Wayne County Jail: An agency in dispair.

With the city on the verge of bankruptcy, and budget cuts across the board who will combat crime?



The State of Corrections in the United States



The state of the LSI-R (Level of Service Inventory-Revised) Assessment tool.