Teacher resources

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Instruction and Education

HotChalk Lesson plans Page provides educators with approximately 4000 lesson plans for grades P-12. If you go through the free registration you gain access to a vast array of resources in all subjects, and for all grade levels, and you get a weekly newsletter.



Theories of Learning

There are multiple theories that can be used to approach teaching any grade level. In most instances I believe this to be a mix of theories dependent on grade level and subject. Any combination of these theories can provide adequate framework for a teacher to set up their classroom curriculum.

As any teacher can tell you, not everyone learns the same way. Some students are visual learners, some hands-on learners, but most use a combination of learning techniques to absorb knowledge. This link goes to a site that gives explanations and resources of learning theories.


Resources for teachers and instructors


As a substitute teacher, it is my duty to find appropriate resources to help guide me in pursuit of my goals. The following links have been invaluable, and I hope you find some use for them as I did. I have tried to include sites that aid in lesson planning, design and implimentation, as well as classroom disipline and control techniques.




Education World

This is a wonderful site for any P-12 educator. It holds links to numerous resources such as lesson plans, teacher tools, assessment tools, and much more. You can subscribe to eleven different newsletters, or browse their clipart portfolio, or even download lesson templates for all grade levels. This is a must have on bookmark.


STEDI: Utah State University Substitute teaching Institute

This site has resources, tools, and training for substitute teachers, as well as resources for school districts. There are also links to other available resources on the internet. This site requires you to register for free but it is worth the time and effort.


Teacher Vision

This site contains over 20,000 pages of printable lesson plans and activities. This site also provides resources for classroom management, and is packed with activities for every season, for every grade level and for every subject. This site is a must for bookmark.