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I would like to thank the following people for the support they have shown throughout my educational endeavor. My family and friends in Michigan who never had any doubts I would succeed (Kelly, Angela). The staff and faculty at both Keiser University and Bethune-Cookman University also deserve thanks because they tolerated me for so many years. Honorable mentions go to Diane Scott of Keiser University's library (the best Librarian in the world), and Keiser University Criminal Justice Director Dr. Cassandra Renzi both of whom had an individual hand in my success in their own Special ways. Finally, I would like to thank my late daughter Michelle for showing me the way to true happiness…May she rest in peace...

About me...

my pictureMy name is Rapalla Frame and I am 45 years old. I graduated with a Master’s Of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice in 2009. I was attending for my PhD in Public Safety with an emphasis on Criminal Justice, and a Post Master's Certification in Adult Education. My main goal is to teach criminal justice at a respectful university within the next ten years. My choice of teaching in the Criminal Justice field stems from the murder of my eleven year old daughter Michelle and four of her friends in April of 2000. They were killed in a house fire meant for someone else.

My experiences from 2003 until now: View Resume Here

I currently work for UTC, a counseling facility in MI. I teach Anger Management, Domestic Violence and Drug and Alcohol Awareness courses. I am almost done with courses that will grant me a Specialist II certification. These certifications will allow me to move up that ladder to the teaching position I desire.

I have worked for almost 12 years as a bail bondsman in the state of Michigan. While some may think this job is irrelevant to my career choice of teaching, it has taught me the realities of the Wayne County court system. Appearing at show cause hearings and bond revocation hearings gave me the knowledge I needed regarding the court system while attending school for Criminal Justice. No, this was not like the show Dog the Bounty Hunter. We actually wear suit and ties, and act in a more professional manner.

I am now the owner of Busted Bail Bond Agency. I can post cash/surety and 10% bonds in 15 counties in the state of Michigan. After working for several bond companies over the years I decided to go out on my own. With my experience as a bondsman and my education, I believe I have what it takes to run a successful company.

During 2012 and 2013, I work for Big Ed's Bail Bonds (When you go BIG, you go home). I was responsible for posting bonds in over thirty counties throughout the state of Michigan. I was also responsible for apprehending any bond skips that I may have. Again, this gave me experience within the court system, and the local jails.

For two years I was a volunteer in a Rutherford County NC School k-5. This job entailed helping school staff setup and tear down for school functions and filling in where needed. The hopes was that this would lead to an employment opportunity, however, the school district revamped the volunteer and substitute teacher positions due to budgetary reasons.

I worked at a private university in an administrative position for six months. During that time I created a new filing system for student records in the registrar’s office. I received a letter of recommendation from the registrar who loved the new system. After that I was moved to the IT department where I brushed up on my troubleshooting skills for almost a year. I was responsible for over 200 student and faculty computer systems. This included maintenance, installations, troubleshooting, data recovery and solving network issues in the computer labs. This was no easy task as there were only two employees in the IT department.

My computer forensics/data recovery skills definitely came in handy. These are skills that have been developed since the invention of DOS and Window's 3.1. My skills include all of Microsoft’s operating systems through Windows 7, network setup and administration, as well as data recovery. I have been hired by private parties including a few small businesses to repair or recover their computer systems. For a speech class project I completely dissected a PC (motherboard, power source and all of the internal parts). Shuffled the parts and began. The PC was assembled and booting to the operating system installation in 7 minutes, all while being filmed.

Finally, I have tutored students in the Criminal Justice field. I have been hired by private parties to tutor them in Criminal Justice issues for specific classes, and for writing in the criminal justice field (essays, research papers, etc). While most of my clients were students, it shows that I have the ability to adequately teach adults in a professional manner and setting.

My first priority as a graduate is to find an entry level teaching position at the college level. I have been looking for adjunct positions so that I may get some much needed experience. While there is entry level teaching positions in small technical colleges such as Everest or Devry Universities, there are hundreds of applicants far more qualified than I am. An online teaching position could also work to my benefit. I did receive some of my education online and would seamlessly fit in as an online instructor. Whichever route I choose, it must lead to teaching.

The purpose of this website is to give students in the Criminal Justice field access to resources that were available to me, and some I have discovered along the way in my current studies.

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