Butt plug, or otherwise anal plug or plow (butt plug) is an erotic toy with a shortened (often quite short) dildo, designed to be placed in the anus. Usually has a wide base to exclude falling inside. There are anal plugs with vibration function.

Given the purpose of the product, the sex industry today produces a large assortment of anal plugs that can be bought in our sex shop. They may differ in color, shape, size, material, purpose and application. Taking into account the peculiarities of the use of cork, they are produced with different tails for example, fox, horse or hare. Big butt plugs with stone are true works of art. You should also find that can you boil a silicone butt plug.

Application of anal plugs

Why do you need butt plug?

  • A really interesting question why should a man actually plug his ass? No, it is certainly not a means of combating incontinence. The main goal, which is achieved when using anal plugs decorating priests.
  • But the use of anal plugs is not limited to this. In addition, it can also serve as a normal dildo – to stimulate the anus, to relax before anal sex or to narrow the vagina. A big butt plug can serve as a good anal massager and even help with hemorrhoids or prostatitis. Also, the device is used for stretching the anus and preparing for anal intercourse.
  • Considering that the main purpose of the cork is to remain in the anus in a fixed manner, it does not require the use of a lubricant in its application. A minimum amount is sufficient to freely enter it into the anus.
  • Thus, the question of why you need a butt plug there is a simple answer this is an interesting sex toy, which can be both an ornament and a purely practical use in your erotic games.

Buy butt plug

You can buy a butt plug in our BDSM store, it’s available here. We offer you a wide selection of these devices of all colors, sizes and shapes. If you are at a loss with the choice of what you need, our managers will be happy to advise you. You can buy traffic jams in our stores in USA. If for some reason you do not want to come to the store or live in another city, then you will be able to make a purchase through our online store.

By purchasing this product, you will immediately understand why you need a butt plug and experience the maximum pleasure from buying this sex toy.

Why do you need a butt plug and what does it look like?

Anal sex is no longer a novelty to our world and has distribution, both in same-sex and in same-sex couples. Cork affects the endings of the nerves that are in the anal ring, exciting this erogenous zone.

Why is it needed? This type of toy has several purposes:

  • To prepare for anal sex. It is easier to stretch a partner with a cork, starting with a small size and ending with a large one. This method is safer than, for example, stretching fingers.
  • For “double penetration” in a woman. Some women want more fun, but do not want to change their spouse or arrange group sex. Here comes the butt plug to the rescue. She will “squeeze” the walls of the vagina and both parties to the act will get more pleasure.
  • To replace your sexual partner. Most often, this aspect is considered by representatives of the non-traditional orientation, but it also has a place among the female audience.
  • For prostate massage. This method is available only for men. Due to this, the term can increase slightly, and the orgasms will become brighter.
  • As an ornament. Shelves of specialty stores shine with traffic jams with “pebbles” on the limiter, and on the Internet there are many pictures of “female cats” with tails, at the end of which these same traffic jams.
  • For the prevention of hemorrhoids.

How to use cork?

  • In general, there are no specific rules of use, but there are some points that should be taken into account.
  • More grease! The anus does not produce natural lubrication like a vagina, therefore, the more, the easier it will be familiarity with this toy. It is better to use special lubricants.
  • Select the most comfortable position for entering the cork. This will reduce the tension in the anus. It is better to stand on all fours or squatting, you can lie on your back and put a pillow under the lower back.
  • A minimum of effort. You cannot strain yourself, there is a risk of “breaking” yourself or your partner.
  • It is recommended to use a condom.

How to choose?

You need to know exactly what you need, because there are different types of traffic jams and each has its own purpose. You also need to focus on experience in sex. For beginners, small traffic jams are suitable, no need to rush into this business. There is an inflatable plug that can change its size.

Look better at the material from which the toy was made. The choice is huge: silicone, glass, metal, plastic, special gel and rubber. Each has different properties, and therefore the sensations from their use will be different.

Anal sex has long ceased to be something forbidden and unacceptable. This has led to the huge popularity of toys for anal stimulation. They are equally actively used by men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation. One of the most popular anal toys is butt plug . It stretches the anus and fills the rectum. Butt plug stimulates the sensory points, which are located near the anal ring.

The classical butt plug has a thin tip, a tapered shape with a gradually increasing diameter, a thin leg and a wide protective base. But there are quite a few different anal plugs with a curved shape, round, with a relief, various spikes, with vibration, expanding.

Manufacturers offer butt plugs of various materials, the most common silicone and PVC. There are also anal plugs made of glass, metal, plastic, rubber, ceramics.

Why do you need butt plug?

  • Butt plug is a universal sex toy, it is equally suitable for men and women. First of all, the butt plug helps to make intimate life more diverse, to experience new sensations and to make the orgasm longer and stronger.
  • When a woman uses the anal plug, the vagina narrows, enhancing the pleasant sensations of both partners.
  • Butt plug helps to relax the anus, helps to prepare for anal sex.
  • Butt plugs with a curved tip massage the prostate in men well, preventing congestion and improve potency.

Anal plug selection

Choosing for the first time the anal plug, it is better to give preference to the tube from medical silicone, small size, classic shape with a thin tip. This will facilitate the penetration of the tube into the anus and does not cause pain.

If the butt plug is not the first, you can choose a bigger toy and experiment with materials, for example, try a tube made of metal or glass.

Terms of use

  • It is necessary to follow the rules of hygiene, wash the butt plug before and after use. You can use a condom to get rid of washing toys.
  • Before using the anal plug, it is better to first make a cleansing enema.
  • When using the anal plug cannot be in a hurry and make efforts. Before entering the cork anus must be relaxed with a finger. It is also necessary to use a water-based anal lubricant.
  • After using the cork must be washed.
  • After using the anal plug, it cannot be inserted into the vagina.
  • It is not recommended to use one butt plug to several people, it is a toy for personal use.