The best butt plugs are sex toys that used their maximum popularity in 2017 and received a lot of positive feedback. This sleeve for the anus, which were purchased more often than others. All of them are made from quality materials, safe for frequent and intensive use. The best 16 butt plugs are a compilation for those who want to choose a really convenient and practical thing for intimate games.

Chic butt plug

A chic butt plug covered with velvety silicone is Trio Plug. The peculiarity of the model is that 3 powerful motors hid inside such a small sex toy. The device works in 9 different modes, and each can be turned on at 8 speeds. This is an opportunity to experience three-dimensional pleasure! And the control comes from a remote console, so it’s not necessary to reach for the device to change the movement pattern. Both men and women can use Trio Plug. And this is really the best butt plug for sensual places. In case of the butt plugs and constipation this is the best option now.


Ditto is a butt plug created in Canada. The We-Vibe brand is known worldwide and distinguished by high-quality products. The stopper is suitable for prolonged use, and the particular shape does not interfere with movements even when the device is in the body. It is controlled by Ditto from a remote control or from a smartphone using a special application. There are a total of 10 vibration modes with 10 different speeds. But if you connect the program, you will be able to adjust the movement and intensity yourself, creating hundreds of different patterns. Ditto can be used in water, suitable for playing in the bathroom and in the shower. The device is rechargeable, can continuously work up to 1.5 hours. At the same time it weighs not much, and the size cannot be called large. Ditto is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Doc Johnson silicone butt plug

Doc Johnson silicone butt plug is designed for those who love quality items. It is thought over to trifles: gradual expansion does not cause pain; unusual relief massages the anus at the time of immersion and extraction; The average diameter is suitable for preparing for anal and for a feeling of fullness. The maximum diameter of the device is 4.5 cm. The leg is small, comfortable. It does not interfere with movements, is not visible under clothing. The cork is not rigid; silicone is elastic, but not hard. In the grooves there is a lubricant that allows you to feel comfort even with long games. The body can be up to 6 hours in a row. The material is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation. The surface is not afraid of moisture, can be washed under running water with a mild detergent.

Anal tail – a stylish sex toy that is gaining increasing popularity

This is the perfect thing for role-playing games. You can turn into a chanterelle, dog, bunny or pony with a tail in a few seconds. The tail is attached to the anal plug, which is immersed in the body. It gives a feeling of fullness. And there are tails of natural or artificial fur. Love Toys anal tail is made of faux fur, which is very easy to clean.

Metal cork with a small diameter

In the widest part, it is only 3 cm. The tail is fluffy and long; you can try it on for both a man and a woman. Such a thing is worth buying for every couple who wants to diversify their sex life.

Bootie is a sex toy that is suitable for various experiments. The curved shape ideally stimulates the prostate, so Bootie is more often chosen by men. The model is presented in 3 different sizes. For starters, it’s worth choosing a small cork, but a large one is needed by experienced users. Stimulator anus covered with gorgeous silicone. It has no taste or smell, does not absorb odors from the environment and is easy to clean.

Huge plus Bootie – low cost

The price for the toy is very popular with buyers. And serves like a cork for a long time. It is recommended to apply with lubricant on a water basis. To enhance the experience, try to squeeze and relax the muscles of the perineum when the sex toy is inside the body. You can even walk with her. The limiter is conveniently located between the buttocks, not rubbing and not causing irritation.

Butt Plug Hush is a thing for long use. The cork is easily inserted into the body and can remain in it for up to 6 hours in a row. A safe silicone coating will not cause irritation or allergies. The special form gradually expands the anus, making the introduction easy and convenient. There are 2 sizes of cork: for beginners and advanced users. The main feature of Hush is that the device is synchronized with the smartphone. A specific application can be enabled from the phone. And with Hush, remote games are available. Manage the device can a person from anywhere in the world, if he also has an application for sex toys and stable Internet. Experiments with Hush can be done alone or together. It will complement the prelude, make sex and masturbation brighter.

Butt plug from medical steel is a sex toy that will last a very long time. The surface may be gold or silver, but always polished to a shine. And at the base is located a multifaceted crystal of bright color. This is an elegant decoration that can be presented for any occasion. The drop-shaped form easily sinks into the body, gives only pleasant experiences. It is possible to use with greasing on any basis. And the device is suitable for experiments with temperature, it can be cooled or heated to experience more sensations. Love Toys anal plugs are cast, weighing about 150 g. They can be used for wearing. And they are packed in a beautiful box, which makes them a great gift.

Quality butt plug from one of the best manufacturers

Platinum Silicone the Big End is suitable for frequent use. It is made of silicone of a new generation, it is pleasant to the touch, has no taste or smell. The cork is very easy to wash, it is not afraid of moisture. And it can even be used in water. Feature of the model – a decent size. The total length of 12 cm, the maximum diameter of 4.5 cm. This is the size for those who love anal caress, for beginners it will be too big. Feature Platinum Silicone the Big End – shiny surface. She shimmers in the sun, which distinguishes her from other sex toys. This item is chosen by lovers of excellent quality.