The toys for anal shower are indispensable accessories for exciting anal intercourse without nasty surprises! Anal sounds simply and thoroughly cleanse your anal area before lovemaking, preparing you for unforgettable moments with your partner!

Anal douche are practical intimate product for men and women, who place emphasis on hygiene and style in anal intercourse. With an anal shower, you can prepare yourself for lovemaking in the shower just before the lovemaking.

Each of the alarms of this category is provided with a slim attachment, which can be easily inserted. The attachments are connected to a container for the necessary water, or can be placed directly on your shower as a shower head. From grooves or holes in the essay occurs during the shower controlled, with a little pressure, water. In the shower, it not only cleanses the anal area thoroughly, it also stimulates with a pleasant tingling the most erogenous zones of your anus. So you can combine cleaning and play with these toys! If you know about the DIY Anal Douche process then the result would be perfect.

Erotic has many faces. Fortunately, the days are over when most people were inhibited and prudish and did not dare to turn their fantasies into reality. For example, many want to try anal sex, but shy away from it for hygienic reasons.

Anal Douche Solve the Problem

Not a few, both men and women are curious and would like to try anal sex. The actors in sex movies seem to feel great pleasure. You could even try it with your girlfriend, if there was not the problem with the cleanliness. The solution is quite simple and is called anal shower or anal syringe. Anal douche are balls of rubber or flexible plastic with a hose. There is a shower attachment attached. Before the traffic is flushed with the anal or anal syringe the rectum, so you have a clean pleasure. Depending on your wishes, you can use different shower heads for brushing. Such shower heads are available in different colors and shapes. Some are curved so they can be better inserted into the anus.

How is the Anal or Anal Syringe Used Correctly

The rectum is a sensitive organ. That’s why you should use only a soft and flexible shower attachment. For rinsing only lukewarm water (body temperature, 37 ° C) in question, no soaps or washing lotion or similar means. If you’ve never tried it before, you’d best introduce the essay of the anal douche yourself. Since you get the best feeling for how it works. It’s better than leaving this job to your partner. Gently squeeze the water from the anal wash or syringe into your anus until you think it’s enough. The sphincter prevents everything from running out immediately. You squeeze out the water and repeat the whole procedure until it is clear.

Tips and Tricks

In anal intercourse, the man requires a greater stability. This can be achieved by Cockrings. Cockrings are elastic bands of silicone or rubber that are pulled on the erect penis. They cause a longer and stronger erection, because the blood cannot drain so fast. Cock rings should never be worn for more than 30 minutes. To avoid infections, it is recommended to use condoms during anal intercourse. In the online shop you will find a rich selection of condoms from different manufacturers. By the way, an anal shower should not be used too often because it can damage the beneficial intestinal flora.

Anal douche for the necessary hygiene

Professional or beginner cleaning the back door is not dependent on the ability but the matching anal shower. Online shop will help you to find the right one, so that you can always feel comfortable with anal intercourse. The cleanliness not only increases the hygiene, but also the safety, when the fun knocks on the back door again. If you are a beginner, try the Squeeze Clean by Seven Creations, for example, which impresses with its easy handling. If you are a bit more experienced and want some more stimulation while bathing, try the Analdouche Big Man by Colt Gear, who knows how to delight her anus with her sexy essay. Order comfortably from home and we’ll send you discretely your anal shower within a short time

Buy an alarm show online

Should it go fast again and you still do not feel well down there? Then the notes on our online shop are just the thing for you; we recommend, as recommended by many, where you can get quality anal shower, princess plugs, anal plugs and much more. To clean, simply unscrew the head, feel water in the product, turn it again, then slowly insert the thin tip and off you go. So you can gently and quickly clean you’re backdoor and you’re ready in a jiffy, for erotic games with your special erogenous zone. You can simply rummage through our wide selection of notes, order conveniently from home and receive discreet and reliable delivered your anal shower in no time.

Find matching anal shower online

Discrete cleaning for your backdoor! Cleaning and keeping clean of this particular erogenous zone requires care and the right tool. With an anal shower you can clean your anus just before sex or fun with a Analtoy so that you can indulge fresh and clean your anal pleasure. Should it be a bit more than just an anal shower? Then online shop has something for you to offer. Many alarms are optionally provided with different essays that not only clean your back door carefully, but also pampering stimulating.

Useful information

In the digestive tract, we roughly distinguish two types of bacteria: The harmful putrefying bacteria which are known under the name of coli bacteria and the beneficial, friendly bacteria such as Lactobacilli and bifido-bacteria.

These friendly bacteria produce primarily lactic acid, but also vitamins and more. They are the friendly antagonists of the coli bacteria and keep the intestinal environment in balance. Rotting bacteria (coli bacteria) produce a number of foul-smelling substances (toxic substances) during the degradation of proteins. They give the feces its typical smell. The more odorless the stool, sweat and urine are, the more perfectly does our digestion work, the more pure is our digestive system and the more harmonious are the microorganisms in our intestines.

About 80% of all defense cells are found in the intestinal area and thus the intestine is the largest immune organ of the body. A healthy intestinal mucosa, for example, protects us from inflammation. A healthy intestinal flora is when the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine predominate with 85 percent. Thus, even the odors of our excretions point to a possible incorrect colonization of our intestines. Over 500 species of various intestinal bacteria can either flood us with many valuable, healthy or even toxic metabolic products.