hey guys welcome back to my channel
thank you so much for taking a couple
minutes of your ever so busy day to
spend a little bit of time with me I’m
really excited to sit down and talk
about oral sex today because who doesn’t
like oral sex I know there are some
people who absolutely detest it but I am
NOT one of those people and I’m sure
some of you watching aren’t either I
really think there’s nothing else to say
but let’s jump right into it eating a
female out of so much much more than
like sticking your head in between her
legs sucking and licking her clit and
watching her lose her mind while she’s
on her way to orgasm not everyone has
these oral skills or has had as much
practice as I know some of you have but
just like kissing and making out you can
definitely learn you want to make a
situation memorable so I guess as the
old saying goes practice makes perfect
and when it pertains to oral sex it
absolutely does if you’re on this
channel and you never miss out a video
you know this next part is going to be a
given before going into any type of
sexual act with your partner is
absolutely communication you have to
communicate with your partner people if
there is not consent from both ends
unfortunately this is how the cookie
crumbles sometimes some people aren’t
comfortable with oral sex and we have to
respect them for that there are some
people who have still yet to lose their
oral sex virginity communicating your
desires of performing oral sex on your
partner will not only give you the Hall
Pass to do so it will also create a calm
and relaxed atmosphere for your partner
if she isn’t relaxed she won’t enjoy
what’s going on because her focus and
her mindset is elsewhere you also can
get very self-conscious of their
physical makeup of their vagina as well
as worry about how long it can take them
to reach orgasm before you take the
vagina head-on and I mean
that literally chisa the surrounding
areas like her thighs guess some breath
play going on there work your way down
her stomach and stop just above the
vagina really it what you want to do is
get her whole body warmed up and do it
with your mouth
work it up tease her all the way down
before you get to the Holy Grail
once your mouth reaches her vagina find
her clit and make that your focal points
when it comes to performing oral sex on
your female partner you will be spending
up most of your time around and on the
clip most women will require clitoral
stimulation to reach orgasm anyways once
your mouth and that tongue is on that
click you want to go ahead and lick and
flick that clit starting off gently
because the vagina is all pink and you
want to start off soft you don’t want to
go in too hard but while you’re stirring
off and as you go along build up a
little bit of pressure not all women but
somewhat women do enjoy the sensation of
having their labia stimulated so don’t
leave that part out focus on her body
language reactions as much as you’re
keeping focus on her vocal reactions in
the process of pleasuring her and seeing
her enjoy your work you too will see
that you’re gaining a little bit aroused
we were all born with a nice set of
lifts so get your lips on the action
wrap them around her clit and start
sucking for extra sensation added some
fast back and forth tongue flicking to
compliment your sucking you’ll notice as
you go along her vagina is gained so a
wet from arousal don’t let this hold you
back from adding your own wetness from
your mouth be extra with your saliva
when it comes to oral play and I feel
like this tip here is almost essential
when it comes to having oral sex and I
may or may not be speaking from
experience but elevate her pelvis by
sliding a pillow under her butt this is
gonna help her feel more intensity as a
while being stimulated this is also a
really great way that when your mouth is
busy you can slide in a couple fingers
you can easily stimulate her g-spot once
you slide those fingers in it’s
basically like triple stimulation and
trust me when I
say this she will be vocalizing her
appreciation for you
sensories will be flying while she’s on
her way to her big finale of the orgasm
if you feel that her thighs are
trembling and clenching tighter around
your head or she begins thrusting at
your face and if her moans are
intensifying don’t stop you’re doing
everything right and she’s all about it
go until she’s finished and until your
face is covered in her juices your mouth
and tongue will probably be exhausted
from your performance but deep down
inside of you you’re gonna know that it
was well worth it not only did you make
your partner feel earth-shattering
pleasure you also did yourself a favor
of getting off while seeing your partner
get off it’s kind of like a win-win now
for my oral performers do not be
discouraged if she does not reach orgasm
right away
most women not all but a good amount of
women need at least like 20 minutes of
stimulation before they reach orgasm
enjoy the moment take your time and
enjoy your time between her legs slowing
down is totally sexy and of course over
time you will learn what she likes and
what she dislikes by trying out
different techniques as well as
different positions regardless enjoy it
the learning process and communicate
between the two of you what it is you
like and what it is you want to try I
oral sex can be an extremely a sexy
bedroom act there’s just something about
putting your partner’s genitalia in your
mouth or putting your mouth on your
partner’s genitalia that’s extremely
satisfying and extremely intriguing to
us I’m not sure if I should think that
that’s kind of weird or if I should
embrace it and welcome it with open arms
and ask for any sexual performance
communique relax loosen up and obviously
you want to be creative all in all find
yourself really connecting with your
partner and being present in the moment
and as we all know and I’ll say
especially at myself sex is all about
having fun at wet
with a partner or if you’re on your own
whatever the case may come the most of
the entire situation and don’t cut any
corners with that being said I hope you
did enjoy watching today’s video I love
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