Love balls are very popular, including best anal beads. There are special balls or you can simply take love balls. The important thing here is that the love balls are no longer taken for the vagina. Otherwise, the love game can be enjoyed by these balls in a very special way. This is ensured by the large selection, with which everyone can then find the perfect anal beads.

Different versions provide for pleasure

Actually, this sex toy looks almost the same, but there is still a small difference. This consists in the number of balls as well as in the processing and the material. Silicone is the most popular here as this material feels almost like human skin. In addition, the anal beads can then be easily cleaned, even if then a lubricant was used.

But the best thing about these balls is that they can be used by both women and men .A universal toy that really spreads a lot of desire.So also anal beads can be worn before to prepare for the lovemaking. This is similar to love balls that can be worn throughout the day. The advantage, someone is already really wild on the sex and the orgasm is felt much stronger and more intense.

Anal beads also available!

There are balls of lust longer than many people think. The first love balls were already in Japan and then in China. Since the 18th century, the bullets were already known in France. Of course, the balls were there from a different material, which then also applies to anal beads. Sex toys were used until a few years ago, rather secretly, so today is very different because sex toys have been around for a very long time, because lovemaking can tolerate many things.

Anal beads price comparison

Of course, there are also price comparisons, but usually the prices here are pretty much in the same range. Much more important here can be the customer experience. These have finally bought such anal beads and then tried in the self-test. Here, of course, the ease of use and success are most important. Similarly, there are products that have been bought more often, which is not always something to do with the price.

All of this can play a role in the decision, and the color is just as important. There are anal beads with vibrator or without vibration. This is important in the selection, so then the right sex toys are chosen. In the price, both variations are not much more expensive, which then perhaps even both types can be bought. Much more important here is how satisfied the customers were with the anal beads especially how easy the balls are to handle and to clean.

Therefore, we made a small selection here, whereby we do not perform any tests on the anal beads ourselves. Rather, the customers were asked about their experiences, who of course like to have reported on the anal beads and the pleasure with these. In addition, they searched for the products that were bought most frequently. Only then can the selection be made easier, because a price comparison can give no information.

Utimi with vibrator

These anal beads are made of silicone, which is classified as medical. Thus, the surface is smooth, harmless to health and also skin-friendly. For easy handling even without a vibrator is a loop at the outer end. So it is possible to move the anal beads, and thus to make different experiences during sex.

In addition, the vibrator can be removed, so that the anal beads can be washed, for example, in the bathtub or used for certain games. The vibrator can also be used for other regions of the body for stimulation. Thus, a toy promises much pleasure and that at a price of about 10 $. The most striking feature of these anal beads is the color, because this is purple.

As far as the description of the manufacturer, but how did the customer handle the balls and how satisfied were the customers with the result. After all, 96 customers have bought the product and then tried it. The remote control was the best thing about the balls, so it can conjure up some astonished face. One or two customers did not find the smell very pleasant, but after the first wash it was over.

Here, the balls were also bought by some women who tried it not only on themselves. A toy is for both sexes which is especially suitable for beginners. This also shows the rating, because 78 customers were more than satisfied with the anal beads and awarded 5 points.

Although there were some less good reviews, but had nothing to do with the handling. Thus, the Utimi got at least 4.6 out of 5 points and a more than clear buy recommendation. This is just one example, with the anal beads still having a remote control.

A toy not just for women

Straight men are interested in anal beads, because these are just right for the prostate to animate. But women also love these balls and not only during sex. Because many women also like to wear the balls once on the road, in which case the remote control should better not get into the wrong hands. Thus, there is a wide choice in this area, where the balls should always be introduced with a water-based lubricant.

Anal beads can revive the love life just as both sexes have plenty of these bullets. Of course you should not only pay attention to the easy handling, but also how these balls are to be cleaned. The above example offers just these possibilities, as the vibrator can be removed. However, other manufacturers also offer this, although of course there are also anal beads without a vibrator. Thus, everyone can always find the right toy for his purposes. Of course, the length is also crucial, as here too the flavors and the bodies are different. Likewise, attention should be paid to the diameter of the balls, in order to really have a whole new experience with the anal beads.


If you want to have more fun, you should get a toy like that. There are anal toys in different shapes and colors. Of course, it is always important that a lubricant is used. Otherwise, the anal beads really can be a nice toy for both sexes. The success is always guaranteed here with proper handling.