You want only the best of everything and preferably at the same time? Want to know about what is butt plug spinner? The innovative cock ring anal plug combination scores with a maximum erection, a wonderfully filled feeling, targeted prostate stimulation and simultaneous massage of the perineum. It’s just great during hot solo games or sex with two. Well, curious? Then read here how to get the most out of your new playmate.

Lubricant within reach


A boating ring without lube: Unthinkable! Not only because the use is a must during any kind of anal play ideas. At the other end, the use of a lubricant is useful because only then does the flexible cock ring slide by itself and the slightly raised connection between the plug and the ring is ready for a perineum massage that just soars. The enormous selection of different lubricants confuses you and you still do not have a favorite slip gel? Then try the toy fluid or lubricant.

Boating Ring

 Strip the flexible ring of 100% medical grade silicone over the penis and testicles. He reaches his final parking position at the base of the penis shaft. Good to know: The cock ring should sit tight – but do not constrict. The subtle, steady pressure supports the work of the erectile tissue during erection. In other words, you have a stand like never before! In addition, the wearing of the ring increases the sensitivity – for an extra dose of fun and mega-orgasms. By the way: Many of our testers preferred to don the ring before the plug was used, but that does not have to be the case for everyone. Best of all, you test both approaches and find out which order suits you best.

Before actually the anal plug is used, you should definitely warm up. Try a gentle, external massage, careful finger play or the specific use of a vibrator. Then add another portion of toy fluid and gently insert the anal plug. With the rounded, narrow shape as with the booties, this will work in no time at all. Once in place, the gentle curves of the booties ring specifically stimulate the prostate and the wonderful feeling of being full kicks your excitement to the next level.

Quick Positions Changes Desired

And now! Now fun is just starting. Thanks to the soft, ultra-flexible silicone and the narrow bridge between plug and ring, the bootie ring makes every change of position. Whether alone or in pairs, hand job, blowjob or penetration – just do what you feel like doing. Meanwhile, each of your movements’ transfers to the bootie ring and that feels twice as good.

High quality anal plug from Nexus Range with vibration unit

 Today we present you an anal plug with integrated vibration unit. The Nexus G-Rider looks like a normal prostate stimulator but is much more. The interesting thing is the vibration unit which is inserted inside and includes 5 different vibration levels. So this is an anal plug vibrator. Our test couples have tested the device for you, we were curious whether the anal plug will meet the high standards. More high quality anal plug are available, check this out.

Order & Shipping

The G-Rider was ordered as usual and delivered very fast. To possibly save a few dollars, you can also look at the Marketplace offers, where the anal plug is sometimes offered a bit cheaper, but watch out for shipping, not that you pay more afterwards. The scope of delivery of the G-Rider consists of the clear plastic box and a multilingual user manual. Of course, the device itself is also included. The vibration unit is powered by an AAA battery, which is not actually there. Overall, the delivery is not exuberant, but absolutely sufficient. The butt plug is optically well presented and everything useful is included.

Product description

The anal plug vibrator consists of various components. Visually, it can be divided into three parts: head, neck and handle. The head is slightly forward and has a diameter of about 2.5cm. The main part of the insert able piece is the neck; here the diameter at the widest point in the middle is about 4,2cm. At the lower end, in the sphincter zone, where the neck goes into the grip, the diameter is only 2.0 cm. Overall, the entire shaft is about 12,6cm long and about 10cm of it can be inserted into the anus.

The handle is somewhat banana-shaped and has a width of about 3.7 cm and a length of about 12cm. The handle is therefore good for men and women to grab and use. At the front of the handle is still provided with knobs and the arrangement handle shaft is exactly perpendicular to each other.

The anal plug is driven by a small motor inside. The source of energy is a small AAA battery. It is controlled by the existing membrane keys, which are used to select the 5 different vibration speeds. The material of the G-Riders Anal Plug is slightly flexible and FDA certified silicone.

Overall, the G-Rider looks good and feels worthy too. The silicone has no unpleasant odor and the surface is soft and smooth. In addition, the handle is super designed. It can be kept very well and the foil keys are great. You should clean the appliance under running water. The G-Rider is not waterproof, but splash-proof. Every complete water bath should be avoided.

Operation of the Anal Plug

The G-Rider Anal Plug with vibration unit works like any conventional anal plug. The anal introduction creates the fun and the pleasure. The device is suitable for both man and woman. Complete introduction of the G-Rider leads to stimulation of the prostate in men. The G-Rider can be used at every opportunity. Whether man uses him to get used to the stimulation of the prostate, to intensify the normal orgasm, or to enrich the sex life is up to him. This also applies to the woman: The application has no limits. If you need a few briefings on how to use such an anal plug properly, just drop in where it’s described in a nutshell.

Nexus G-Rider in the test

The first impression of the anal plug is quite positive. The packaging has already convinced us, but the soft and smooth silicone feels very comfortable. In addition, the material can also be cleaned very well. After inserting the AAA battery everything is prepared for the practical test.

Anyone who thinks about buying this device does not have to worry about the size. The dimensions and the head of about 2.5cm in diameter are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Of course you should always use lubrication in the anal fun and find out for yourself how the introduction works best.