Where it used to be rare to buy sex toys, at most to condoms made of latex with cherry flavor, so there are now many men for men with men or for sex between men and women for sex toys who bring a whole new vibe to the bedroom than you would ever have thought. Varied products made of glass, acrylic or silicone make the sex alone or in pairs – or three – to a new experience with a whole new stimulation. The bedroom is almost a “love factory” and one or the other toy is like an ace playing cards:

What was once known only as a vibrator or as a dildo for women comes today for the gentlemen as a masturbator and – lets go with some lubricant really good and really fast. The toys vibrate and pamper you and there is a pleasure and fun guarantee – it drives to the top!

The special highlight of the masturbators lies in the fact that this men’s vibrator inside feels incredibly authentic due to the soft grooves and bumps made of silicone with some lubricant – as if a man were not with his penis in a toy for adults, but rather. In fact, inside a woman. The Various animal tail butt plugs at loveplugs of course conquers the hearts of men and the title Bestseller in our country, and far beyond! The only thing missing now is the hot lingerie of the woman in a sexy black – preferably as a set with matching fishnet stockings.

The vibration of the new toys, not just since 2018, is a stimulation that creates an eroticism in the bedroom, which, together with categories such as sexy lingerie and the one or other idea of ??Fifty Shades of Gray, start entirely new, erotic games, Perhaps some fragrant massage oils and lubricants such as lube and the feeling of mutual satisfaction will be pushed to extremes with or without a condom.

For men, however, not only the masturbator is a popular vibro sex toy – even penis rings that are to have with and without vibration, conquer with their vibe the tip of the favorite erotic and sex toys, even for couples. Whether for a longer endurance during bondage or for other games, as well as a permanent anal penetration penis rings are ideal. Countless brands and products are waiting in the shop – a large selection of different toys and lingerie make it possible for you to experience erotic moments.

Toys like the anal plug – for a more exciting sex life

Many couples, both men and women, choose to use other sex toys before and during sex. For a long-lasting sex life, such as bondage or for a satisfying and pain-free anal satisfaction some toys and lubricants are very useful to buy – and even for a few CHF, even cheaper in the sale. Especially when it comes to the subject of anal intercourse, the butt plug made of silicone or glass is very often used – on the one hand to stretch the anus before anal intercourse a bit, or just to the actual stimulation only by wearing the butt plug. An anal plug is to be understood as a special form of dildo, which is however intended explicitly for the anus. The sharp, but softly rounded shaping makes it easy to insert the butt plug. Here, this dildo in conical shape stretches the muscles and relaxes them at the same time, so that later for men and women the anal “making love” is as painless as possible. The butt plugs are available as large variants in large or extra large – for the anal trained users – or smaller models rather in size small or extra small, so women and men can feel like their favorite and sexy dildo choose.

While women like to use dildos, butt plug, as well as the love balls that have been tried and tested for centuries as lust-enhancing sex toys, the butt plug is of course only recommended for men – but they are also equipped with a small vibrator so that the order In the shopping cart certainly promises to be a success.

With some lubricant, the anal plug can easily be pushed into the anus and there it stays, thanks to its shape, without slipping – you can indulge in your lust carefree while enjoying the anal stimulation, if you like, even at the same time! The simultaneous anal penetration during sex – or for the women to maximum stimulation by the simultaneous use of love balls, this introduced vaginally, and just anal a glass dildo or an authentic big vibrator.

Butt Plugs – from one brand or another

Just as there are condoms in different flavors, so there is also the butt plug in numerous categories and, just like the vibrator or latex condoms, there are the anal plugs of tens of brands already very valuable. You can find brands and they all offer for your sex life the ace up your sleeve and that just from 19.90 dollars – with vibration, made of glass, as a set consisting of two butt plugs or as a sex toy set with a little more sex toys to test and explore where the preferences are. Are you more into dildos, or should it rather be a vibrator, should the toy have a special color, like gold or black?

Here in the shop are all sorts of toys and the one or the other great set of lingerie for anal fun and the large selection of our bestsellers in Switzerland for couples – whether only for men or for men and women definitely a certain erotic factor bring along, with a hint of Fifty Shades of Gray!

Products range from the classic silicone butt plug with the typical shape to threes in different sizes. In addition, you get for your anal stimulation also special models, such as the inflatable vibro butt plug of the brand Fanny Hill. With his vibration, he stimulates and relaxes the muscles and prepares for the subsequent, gentle penetration with the penis, the vibrator or the dildo. However, he can also, like the popular love balls used for foreplay of the women, as a vaginal stimulation with a small vibe, but alone are not able to lead to orgasm.

Very popular, in the shopping cart are the Butt Plugs Diogol – mixed with a Swarovski stone, this anal plug or mini dildo is also very nice and sexy to look at and not only in gold for couples a cute erotic toys. However, not only the Diogol – made of glass or another easily sliding material – is a fun toy as a toy in bed with a condom – numerous other butt plugs or dildos with wavy shape are similar to love balls in different designs and with and to buy without vibration.