Sex Positions That Blow Women’s Minds

When it comes to sex, men are those who talk about it more than women. Women’s orgasms are in most cases overlooked, leading to many unsatisfied ladies out there. Thankfully, just trying out a new sex position can significantly improve the experience women have during sex.   Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific sex position that

Maintaining Your Tail Butt Plugs

If you are into anal play, there is a high chance you already own a butt plug. Tail plugs are a subcategory of butt plugs, and they became rather popular in the past couple of years.  Whether you own one already or you plan on getting it, it is essential to know how to take

6 Ways to Use Butt Plugs Safely

You want only the best of everything and preferably at the same time? Want to know about what is butt plug spinner? The innovative cock ring anal plug combination scores with a maximum erection, a wonderfully filled feeling, targeted prostate stimulation and simultaneous massage of the perineum. It’s just great during hot solo games or

6 Ways to Care for your Butt Plug

Butt plug, or otherwise anal plug or plow (butt plug) is an erotic toy with a shortened (often quite short) dildo, designed to be placed in the anus. Usually has a wide base to exclude falling inside. There are anal plugs with vibration function. Given the purpose of the product, the sex industry today produces

Tips on Finding the Perfect Anal Toy

Different Types of anal beads for your funnel are there now. It may sound a little tedious, but these anal balls are specially designed to enjoy the great sensations that sphincter muscles produce when opening and closing around small and round objects. When you are close to orgasm and you are out, you will experience

3 Tips on Using BDSM Toys Safely

BDSM is a general term used to define any sexual behavior that could be considered “perverse”. Pain, physical, emotional and psychological constraint, slavery and domination – in BDSM circles, of course, these practices are applied with the agreement of both people involved for mutual pleasure and satisfaction. Not only the bikers dressed in leather, tattoos

7 Most Popular Butt Plugs in 2018

The best butt plugs are sex toys that used their maximum popularity in 2017 and received a lot of positive feedback. This sleeve for the anus, which were purchased more often than others. All of them are made from quality materials, safe for frequent and intensive use. The best 16 butt plugs are a compilation

Tips in Buying SM Accessories and Toys

Pain and lust, the interplay of dominance and devotion: SM is a big field in the erotic. Starting with two bodies, the game can evolve in different directions with different tools, devices and accessories. As versatile as the possibilities in the SM is the choice of accessories and toys. An overview of the SM accessories: