Are you thinking how are dildos made? Maybe, create your own line of DIY dildos and dildos without leaving home? Or simply, do you want to honor the term, and give yourself sexual comfort without spending money?

Erotic sex mania is not an invention, but rather a lot of attempts to satisfy our most austere or improvised libidinous impulses. The question resists: can we create homemade sex toys not only vibrant that rival those that sell erotic stores?

And you ask yourself: How can I make a customized sex toy? How do I create my own vibrator at home? What objects can I use to masturbate? What do people use? There are some script ideas.

The most used homemade dildos

The stories of bananas, carrots and zucchini are as old as sex; Itcannot be denied that the eroticization of everyday foods has sprinkled, with the most spontaneous longings, the most dormant relationships. And although we cannot ignore that they have given and will continue to give more than one headache and what is not the head, improvised sex toys have theirs, by connecting the sudden drive with artistic intuition creativity in the use of artifice.

In the refrigerator

Let’s make it clear from the beginning that it is not a question of dismantling the motor of the refrigerator, but of taking advantage of the basket of the purchase of fruits and vegetables, protected with condoms. We’ll say it differently, if you’re going to go into horticultural action, you have to put a condom on food.


That said, the truth is that attempts to make banana a dildo, have always failed. And it is that the body temperature will soften it quickly! On the other hand, a disturbing number of people acknowledge having found the taste of cucumbers and corn cobs. Whether it is going to be casual sex, or if you want to commit for life, remember that the cucumber skin is sharp and can easily break the prophylactic. So, if you’re looking for a more serious relationship, in the long run, maybe the cob is better company.

Cutlery and kitchenware

There has not yet been any scientist who has demonstrated it, but it seems that the sexual use of wooden spoons has gone from spontaneous cheeks to internal stimulation. There are also reports on the use of electric juicers, and for more time, manual juicers; the conical shape, they say, seems designed for the full G-spot massage.

With the broom

Now a little more seriously, the closet of brooms can be the magic chest of erotic games not so improvised. It will not sound strange to you that one of the fantasies most represented in homemade role-plays is that of the butler and that of the maid. And is that the broom shaker itself seems designed for spanking, just as the use of the duster invades the imaginary of mischief, combining the visual finesse of domestic service, with the rude word game of take those dust there.

The jeweler

One of the most unfortunate transgressions we have read is replacing the wonderful Chinese balls with the pearl necklace. And there are even worse, like replacing the Thai balls for these beads, but let’s focus on the possibilities. If you are going to erotic use the pearl necklace, at least, think that the most pleasant would be a soft and lubricated external massage to stimulate the clitoris.


The truth is that it makes all the sense in the world to think that what makes us stand out for beauty also gives us other pleasures. Why not draw with the lipstick on the body of our partners, surrounding erogenous zones that excite?

In the wardrobe

On many occasions, handkerchiefs have been the most common substitute for wives. Now, already involved in homemade BDSM, the stockings are much sexier to tie the hands and feet of the couple or ties with tie in the style 50 shades, which, not only will be more respectful with blood circulation, but also match the sexual use of vaginal balls.

Another BDSM item that you can find in any closet is the belt. Preferably soft and without buckle, to avoid unwanted incidents, it can be used to restrict the movement of wrists or ankles, but also to spanking. At this point, the question is do you want to enjoy spanking that does not tear the skin? In this Case you can go for a sensual small whip with cow suede tassels.

The mirror

Wherever you are, the reflection of the image of the couple making love gently, masturbating, playing with sexual postures, having the most passionate sex is one of the cheapest and most effective erotic toys in the world. And the view is also stimulated.

The tweezers

Some people use depilatory tweezers to stimulate the nipples, while others use the hair pins. In either case, the idea is to find the balance between pleasure and pain.

The electric brush

For laymen in the matter, the fashion of using the electric toothbrush as a vibrator dates, practically, from the moment in which these products went on the market. Apparently, just put a towel to turn it into clitoral vibrator.

The shower

The pressure of the shower jet has delighted a good number of women, who have found the perfect point of excitement, in the moment of relaxation par excellence. Hygienic and effective, although not very ecological, it has proven to be a universal homemade dildo.

The chairs

The sides of tables and doors had served as a stimulator for many women. Of course, refer to gentle strokes, wearing panties or pants, which also bring us to the armrests of the chairs. First of all, it constitutes a hyper-sexy image for prolegomena challengers in pairs.

The candles

Another accessory used since time immemorial is the candle, and its wax, which melts looking for that fine line between pain and pleasure in erotic massages. The lovers of the combinations of temperatures of cold and heat know of the importance that has the sensation of security in these sexual games.

The mobile

If you are thinking of asking your partner to call you for an hour to try to enjoy the vibrations, but we refer to the erotic use of mobile games and apps designed for that purpose. And, above all, to the visual stimulation of sending sexy photos and, above all, to the intellectual excitement that develops with bright and elegant messages of love, erotic and sexual.

They were script ideas if you carry them out, you need to put all the means so that they become a pleasure movie.The statement, however, comes from the results of the study of dating websites when he wanted to know more about the tastes of different countries about sex toys.

The measure preferred by the sex lovers is neither more nor less than 18.8 cm , the longest toys if you take into account the rest of the countries that participated in the study followed very closely by the Germans, who know long sausages a while.