Today, we’re going to get down and dirty… that’s right kids, I’m going to be sharing some damn good oral sex tips for men, that I believe EVERY guy should be using.

For those of you who don’t like going down on women (shame on you) look away now.

Before I get into the “how-to’s” I want to make one thing very clear:

Don’t do it like the pornstars!

The worst thing you can do is take advice from porn. Not only are they doing it wrong, but they’re actually doing it wrong on purpose so the cameras can film the action.

Seriously, it’s called “milking it”.

One more quick thing, you need to make sure you reinforce positive comments: Some women will be self conscious, so you must let her know you love going down on her and that she tastes really good.

Ok, let’s get started on the “how-to’s” then.



Don’t just go straight for the clit like most guys do, it’s a little too eager and doesn’t have any element of sexual tension which as you know is key to making her orgasm.

Begin by kissing lightly and licking all around the pussy, spend a few minutes doing this until she is squirming for you to go further.


After kissing and licking around the vagina, you then need to begin softly and slowly licking the area just beneath her clit (use both hands to spread her vagina lips).

This area is very sensitive, you can also lick all the way up from the base of the pussy to the top, but being careful not to touch the clit just yet.


Continue by sucking on her clit in a gentle way, your mouth movements should just like you’re half way through biting an apple and you’re trying to save the juices from running down your chin (sounds silly, but it works).

Another way to describe how your tongue and mouth should look is (mouth = slightly open) and (tongue = making a half pipe shape). Your entire mouth should be covering her clit.

Make up, down and sideways movements with your tongue whilst your mouth is fully covering the clit.

Kick it up a notch by groaning a little, this will do two things (1) make her think that you’re really enjoying eating her out and (2) give her a vibrating sensation on her clit which will maximise the pleasure.


By now she should have orgasmed, if she hasn’t then don’t worry she’ll be very close. The next thing you can do is use your finger to simulate penetration. What most guys will do is just straight up finger the girl, you don’t want to do this.

You need to take your index finger, insert it into her vagina and rest it on the base of the vagina, no moving back and forth, just leave it there. This will make it feel as though she’s getting f*cked.

If you want, you can use the g-spot fingering technique that will give her a squirting orgasm.


Some guys will be grossed out by licking a girls butt, so for all the adventurous guys out there who really want to please their woman… a little butt licking will feel awesome to the girl, so it’s always an option. She might not actually like it either so check first.


  • Bite her clit – Unless she specifically says “Please bite my clit” don’t do it. Remember that the clitorious is incredibly sensitive and biting it will be very painful for her.
  • Flick her clit – Either with your tongue or fingers. This will both feel uncomfortable and very sensitive.
  • Go too fast – Dude, you need to take your time with this. The longer the better, she will tell you when she’s had enough.
  • Stick your tongue in – Another no no most guys make is by putting their tongue all the way in the vagina and licking her aggressively, this is both not sexy and not enjoyable for her.

So that’s it dude. Some killer oral sex tips for men given to me by some of the best in the business.