– On today’s show, Emily is talking about ways to stop building stories in your head and get to the root of what’s holding you back in your sex life. She talks about why you shouldn’t make assumptions about your relationship, all the reasons why porn and sex in movies is not like real authentic sex, and what it really means when your partner says “erotic.” Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show – Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of the YouTube show Sexplanations, chats with special guests about the fascinating and hilarious world of sex. – A free open access series of podcasts for all healthcare professionals working with older adults. We will present the evidence base, recent advances and established best practice / wisdom in healthcare for older adults. Each episode reviews an aspect of caring for older adults from the perspective of our MDT faculty. – A new podcast from XXXchurch called “The Panic Button.” Get answers to someof the hardest questions we receive. – Explore the ecstasy of oral sex and learn techniques to provide your partner exquisite pleasures. Incorporate tantric techniques in oral sex play. After all, oral sex is about pleasuring your partner and enjoying the flavors of the sexual body.