When it comes to sex, men are those who talk about it more than women. Women’s orgasms are in most cases overlooked, leading to many unsatisfied ladies out there. Thankfully, just trying out a new sex position can significantly improve the experience women have during sex.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific sex position that feels good for every gal out there. But, a few stand out that many have said brought them to climax.

The Woman-on-Top Position

One of the most underrated sex positions is the “woman-on-top,” even though it might seem the opposite. 


When women have control during sex, it actually stimulates them more, making it easier to reach climax. Women orgasm more intensely this way, not because of the possibility of deeper penetration, but because women can control the rhythm and position that feels best for them.


This type of sex position has many variations. Women can face their partner, face away from him, or even move side to side. The thing that’s common for every sex position where women are on top is that they are the ones that do most of the work during sex. Men can also thrust and move, but they have limited motion. 


The most popular names for the “woman-on-top” sex position include the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and reverse missionary. The biggest advantage for women is that their partner’s weight isn’t on them and that the women can control how deep the penetration will be and how fast the pace will be. This way, female orgasms can be more easily achieved and with greater intensity.

The Doggy Style

Doggy style is clearly the most famous sex position many couples love. It provides deep penetration and amazing stimulation for both partners. This position includes women on their hands and knees while the man is behind, either kneeling or crouching during sex.


This sex position is ideal for both vaginal and anal sex because it allows deep penetration. The great thing about it is that it requires the least physical readiness and can last considerably longer than any other sex position.

Because men are the active partner in this position, it’s common for women to cum due to friction between the clitoris and the male scrotum. This position also allows for additional stimulation during sex. Women who don’t mind being submissive are the ones that enjoy this sex position because it leaves them vulnerable and with limited control of the situation. 


Doggy style is also an ideal sex position for couples who enjoy rougher sex. Because women are vulnerable here, it allows their partners to pull their hair, hold their hands behind the back, or even give them a few slaps on the ass.

The Sideways Straddle

Although the “sideways straddle” sounds like a complicated sex position, it actually isn’t. Women just need to lie on their side with the upper leg bent. This position is great for deep penetration but also for men with smaller dicks. Because one leg is bent in the hip, this position is great for both vaginal and anal penetration but still leaves enough room for additional stimulation with fingers or other types of sex toys.


Similar to the doggy-style sex position, female orgasms are achieved if the receiving partner enjoys being the submissive one. The downside to this position is the fact that women can’t do much. It’s easy to enjoy, but it’s not a position you’d want to be in for long.


To improve this sex position, adding some sex toys and lubricants to the mix is a good idea. Because this is such an open position, women enjoy it with their partners, not just because it’s a position that feels good, but because it allows more intimate encounters. Also, by squeezing their legs, women can cause more pressure on their partner’s penis, which increases the sensation for both partners.

The “Bridge”

The “bridge” is a sex position that requires a bit more flexibility and physical strength. But, it’s also one of the sex positions that’s great for spicing up sex life. Women need to form a bridge with their bodies facing up, balancing themselves on their hands and feet, with their feet spread apart just enough for their partner to come closer.

Even though this position can lead to women orgasms relatively quickly, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Men have it easier because they’re in the same position as they would be during doggy style. But ladies need to maintain a specific position that limits their movement. Guys can assist with holding their partners, true. But it doesn’t change the fact that women need to be physically strong to stay in this position.


It’s a good idea for women interested in this position to do a few exercises before trying it. Although it sounds fun, it’s important to have the core strength that will allow both partners to enjoy this sex position for more than a few minutes. Depending on how high women can hold their pelvises, this position is great for G-spot stimulation.

The Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique, or more popularly the CAT sex position, is a slightly improved missionary position that has a focus on clitoral stimulation. Both partners should get into the missionary position, but instead of moving forward and back, the movement is actually up and down. Women in this position need to slide down just a bit, so the upper side of the penis rubs on their clitoris.


This puts a little pressure on the dick but drastically improves the sensation both partners feel. In sex in this position, women orgasm more often. And the great thing about it is that both partners can control the speed and depth of penetration. The only downside is that this sex position doesn’t leave room for other types of stimulation. 


For those who love experimenting, the CAT technique can also be performed during anal sex, but with a toy or dildo.