Who wants to have a little variety in sex, is just right with anal sex toys: The handy toys let the love game with the partner to a very pleasurable affair. Also for hot solo numbers anal sex toys are good to use – provided you have the right toy at hand. We’ve put together some tips for buying Anal toys for you.

Butt plugs are ideal anal sex toys for beginners

If you have no experience with anal toys, a so-called butt plug can help to create the conditions for a painless insertion of the toy. The plug expands the anus and usually has a conical tip. There are also anal plugs that have the shape of a sphere. It is crucial that the plug can be introduced without problems. Most beginners resort to butt plugs with broad tips, because you cannot go wrong with such designs. The best materials are silicone, stainless steel and glass. Jelly butt plugs have the disadvantage that they contain up to 30% phthalates. Purchase your first training kit at https://loveplugs.co/collections/training-kit

Anal chains intensify orgasm

The biggest is the pleasure gained in sex, if you can penetrate vaginal and at the same time wearing an anal sex toy in the anus. The best way to do this is analgesic: pull out the chain just before the orgasm – you will experience a true explosion of pleasure. Anal chains are among the best-selling anal sex toys ever, which also have to do with the comparatively low purchase prices. In addition, the chains have a return handle, so they can be pulled out of the intestine at any time. Fast in-and-out movements are very stimulating for analgesics and can bring the user to climax in no time.

Vibrators provide intense anal stimulation

If you are looking for anal sex toys that are especially good for stimulation, you should buy a vibrator. If possible, choose a model that allows you to adjust the intensity individually. If you want to push the pleasure experience to the extreme, choose a device with a stimulus structure. Very popular brands are currently Fun Factory, Lelo, You 2 Toys and Swan. Ideally, the anal vibrator has a return handle – this avoids unpleasant situations. Another important factor is the noise level that the device in question causes: Opt for a model that works quietly – after all, you do not want the neighbors to ring you when the bed is hot.

5 tips for a free-hand orgasm

You do not believe that man can achieve an orgasm without touching the penis? It works in any case. Many men and even women still think that the “hands free” orgasm is still a mystery. But if you look at the various sex sites on the Internet, you can look at such a spectacle like. Every man has ever dreamed of it without some effort and manual stimulation to come to orgasm. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can experience much higher quality and more intense orgasms. The free-hand orgasm is also called anal orgasm because it can stimulate the prostate and this climax is caused by this sexual gland.

Activate your PC muscle.

The control and activation of the so-called pelvic floor muscle another term for PC muscle is the most important exercise for the freehand climax. Through the powerful muscle apparatus you can directly stimulate the prostate through the contraction. There is a very simple perception exercise for the men who do not know exactly how to control their PC Muscle – Imagine you have to suppress your urine stream. Exactly this Unterbinden takes over the PC muscle. Now that you know this, you can use your PC muscle to help with hands-free orgasms.

Stimulate your prostate.

As we already know, the prostate is the sexiest site in the male genital area. By stimulating the prostate by hand or an anal vibrator, a hands-free orgasm can be achieved with some practice. This climax is not necessarily freehand, because you need your hand to stimulate the prostate. Here it simply means that you do not have to touch your penis for this climax.

Use an extra anal vibrator or a prostate stimulator

These stimulators have the advantage that you can pinpoint the prostate and stimulate it with maximum intensity. The products are made in such a way that you do not even have to look for the prostate, as they have an ideal length to treat the prostate.

Lie in a goal-oriented position

This means that you try to bend your legs to perfectly hit the prostate. You lie down in the so-called embrionale position. Just lie down on your side and pull your legs up to your upper body. With this position, your anal entry is free and you can stimulate your prostate so much easier. Likewise, you can lie on your back and stretch your legs up so you have more arm room. So you can also satisfy your prostate e.g. with an anal vibrator.

Use your PC muscle in conjunction with a prostate vibrator

The most effective way to achieve a free-hand orgasm is the simultaneous use of a stimulator and the contraction of the PC Muscle. You simply insert your prostate stimulator rectally and stimulate your prostate until it has increased slightly due to the excitement. If you have a really good stimulator, this is slightly bent at the top. With this curved tip, you can stimulate your prostate even more intense. Now you leave the anal vibrator in the ideal position and activate your PC muscle. You do not need a hand for this procedure. By contraction of the pelvic floor muscle you press the stimulator even more intense against your erect prostate and can thus cause a faster prostate orgasm.

If you want your partner to bring you to orgasm after anal sex, then you better avoid using lubricants of any kind. The taste of commercial lubricants is just horrible. If you and your partner have the adequate anal sex experience, they do not need it anyway. Especially for the beginning and the quick relaxation, Experts can only highly recommend lubricants. Especially beginners are anal sometimes a bit awkward. Lubricants can not only help physically, but also reduce some of the stress on the parties in advance. But then you better avoid that your partner finally sucks you.