Pain and lust, the interplay of dominance and devotion: SM is a big field in the erotic. Starting with two bodies, the game can evolve in different directions with different tools, devices and accessories. As versatile as the possibilities in the SM is the choice of accessories and toys.

An overview of the SM accessories: beating

Lustful pain is a central element in the SM. Accordingly large is the selection of beating accessories. At the beginning there are the gentle, caressing toys. Gentle whips, feathered battens and soft cloths are to be mentioned here. It gets a little harder when dealing with leather whips and whips. This category also includes most paddles: These are wide, one-handed tools for erotic spanking. The leather models are rather soft, while the ones made of wood are strong. Whoever wants to live the masochistic side in particular, i.e. the M in the SM, attacks with the bull or horsehair whip? If you wish to know How to anal train your husband then there the options for the same now.


Fixing the opposite or being tied up also ensures a big pleasure boost in the SM. Again, there are a number of different tools.

Traditionally, followers of the bondage art use ropes made of hemp or jute. The modern varieties of silk, i.e. synthetic fibers or cotton are gentler, but still effective. Shackles with special silk scarves are also possible; they are even more comfortable on the skin than ropes.

For the pleasurable game in a furnished room, however, usually leather shackles are used. The wide and soft neck, foot or bracelets are very comfortable to wear. At the same time, they are outwardly worn signs of submission. With carabineers, the rings attached to the restraints can then be flexibly attached to various devices and crosses. In an appropriate design, the leather restraints are so stable and secure that they are also suitable for hanging.


For many, the expression of dominance also includes listening to one’s opponent, hearing or seeing. For the mouth are numerous gag to choose from. Classically, many use a ball gag that is undoubtedly effective. In addition, however, bite sticks and leather fog are very popular. To connect the eyes is actually enough a silk scarf. Of course, there are also matching masks made of latex or leather. There are even models that surround the entire head.

SM furniture

For all bondage, small and big nastiest occurs at some point at some point the desire for suitable furniture to light. The possibilities of a cross or a buck expand the joint game immensely. The area of SM furniture is once again very diverse. In addition to the entry-level models such as simple St. Andrew’s crosses, the famous Strafbock or swings there are incredibly sophisticated and detailed pieces such as beds and tables with different mounting options and functions.

More toys and classic sextoys

Other popular SM toys are, for example, nipple clamps. These are available in different versions, again from delicate to hard. Many also use plugs and dilators for their play, which are introduced into the body at the appropriate place. In this case, you must always pay attention to the appropriate size and hygiene!

Of course, vibrators, dildos and other well-known toys in the SM area can be taken. After all, what is possible is what makes you happy.

What needs to be considered during use?

In the area of ??SM, it is generally true that (at least) two people are involved, both of whom should have fun. A prior conversation about all the toys and accessories used is therefore essential. A “save word” is also recommended. If one of the participants speaks this out, the game is ended immediately. A male or female dome should always have tested own tool before giving it to others.

Tips for Buying SM Accessories and SM Toys

Most important tip: Buy in pairs. Browse and find out the things they like. Of course, if you trust each other, you can surprise your partner with a new toy.

A small bump test or review of testimonials is also appropriate. By the way, many products are also sold with warning labels. Natural materials such as leather, cotton and silk are usually more pleasant and more compatible on the skin, in the mouth or wherever they are than plastics. As everywhere, a price comparison is also worthwhile in this area.

Tips for safety

You will get to know your partner very well during the game. After a while you will immediately see if he or she likes something or not. Until then, always make sure that both partners can communicate at any time.

If furniture or wall fixtures are used, the necessary stability must be ensured. Very special caution is required for bondage. Certain regions of the body must not be burdened! Corresponding pages on the Internet can provide information. But if you really want to penetrate deeply into this matter, a visit to a workshop is recommended.

The erotic game with the leather bondage brings new ideas, experiences and power games into your relationship. Take on a lustful fetters and teasing from domination and submission and bring yourself with exciting adventures.

The question arises, where domination and submission, power and powerlessness begin. When do you take the active role as a bondage artist and take the further course in your own hands? How does it feel to be slipping and being dominated? How submissive can and do you want to be?Or in other words: What gives you the kick? Is it really only sex? Is it the prelude? Or is it the unconditional trust?

Bondage has many sides. The best known is certainly the connection made to SM practices but there are also other types of bondage, which set the focus in the bondage art to restrict freedom of movement quite different.

4 bondage types at a glance

The captivating eroticism combines BDSM and aesthetics. Hardcore sex and art come very close here. Eye and touch unite in the body cult and are staged. Hard and tender touches drive you to the extreme.Depending on how you like it and what turns you on everything from torture bondage to ornamental bondage. You can decide with your partner what will do you the most.


The first type of bondage is the purpose or use bondage: Here it is simply about captivating, so that is fast fixed. Bondage means to an end. Mostly, this species serves as a prelude to sex or in preparation for other SM practices.For the other types, bondage is the purpose itself.

Torture bondage

You were naughty? During the torture bondage, the tied man, for example, is punished in the punishment game and forced into an inconvenient or aggravating-painful position.With the necessary experience, you can increase the pleasure pain by using the gravity and as an active partner, also called top or Dom, tether your passive partner (called sub or bottom) or choose hanging techniques.Sex is not necessarily part of this, but can round off the session. In this case one speaks of Fesselsex.

Ornamental bondage

The third kind is the ornamental bondage. Above all, the bondage arts and knots should look beautiful and serve aesthetic aspects.With the right bondage techniques and knots, individual body parts can be nicely emphasized or costumes for fetish parties can be created. To restrict the sub in his freedom of movement, here is only the subordinate goal.


 The Bondage is the art form in which body and rope merge into a single entity. Unlike the other three bondage types is not played here with a power gap between the cathedral and sub, but the partners are tied at eye level.