Different Types of anal beads for your funnel are there now. It may sound a little tedious, but these anal balls are specially designed to enjoy the great sensations that sphincter muscles produce when opening and closing around small and round objects. When you are close to orgasm and you are out, you will experience erotic feelings as you have never met. If you’ve already discovered the pleasure of anal masturbation, it’s your duty to try this toy.

What are anal balls?

Have you decided to try new sensations with some anal balls? Perfect! Here’s what you need to know: Anal balls are basically a small round and round bead, distributed equally over a thread (or sometimes attached to a rod). Some balls are all the same size; others can grow progressively in diameter as we approach the other end. Visit loveplugs.co to get some ideas.

How does it work?

Anal balls are like any other type of anal plug with an extra bonus: as each ball is inserted, the sphincter muscles contract and relax around each other for extra sensation. Some people love the sensation when, close to the orgasm, they pull them all together.

How do I use them?

There are 3 important conditions before using anal balls: Communication, lubrication and relaxation.

Communication matters! Whether you are using anal balls alone or with your partner, you need to be focused on the signals that your body or partner sends to you. Will you play together? Communicate with your partner using simple questions: do you need more lubricant? Would you feel better if I changed my position? Are you ready for another ball? Do you want me to take them out?

Use lubricant! Because the anal area does not have its own secretions, it’s important to apply abundant lubricant on the balls (try a water based lubricant like …) and be prepared to add more as you progress.

Make sure you’re excited! Read your favorite erotic literature, or watch an adult movie. Listen to your partner as he speaks dirty, get in the mood. Some people prefer to have an orgasm before trying the back door to relax the whole body and make the blood pump into the genitals.

Touch your anus easily. Massage the anal area. Loveplugs is where you can find the right prostate massager for that.

Do not rush. When you feel like you’re ready, enter the first ball. Stop for a moment, and let your body become accustomed to feeling. Put balls down, give yourself time to enjoy the sensations. Stop and add lubricant when needed. There is no rush in introducing the entire set of balls. You can feel just as good with just some of the balls.

Just breathe. Even if you enjoy the pleasure of the balls, it does not keep you breathing. Most people usually feel breathless – or forget to breathe completely during sex, but deep breathing is essential to enjoying sex, especially anal sex. Breathing deeply, give your body the oxygen it needs to relax your muscles. Increase your pleasure. Simultaneously try other types of stimulation. Small vibrators can help you stimulate your clitoris, nipples, penis, testicles or perineum while you are masturbating anal.

Try to synchronize. With the balls inside and the orgasm about to come, try to synchronize their removal with the orgasm. Fun activities, but with painful or fatal potential!

What not to do during a sex party

There are tens or even hundreds of thousands of articles about fun activities to try in the bedroom. We tell you what you should NOT try, especially if you care about your health and your partner.

  1. Do not start with hard penetration!

Sex that starts with hard penetration (that happens without you being lubricated enough) can cause unpleasant wounds for both of you: you will feel pain in the vagina, and you cough in the head of the penis. The position of the woman above is particularly dangerous. If during your penetration in this position your boyfriend does not drown in the vagina and hits your pubic bone or the area in front of the anus, it may even fracture the penis because of your strength and weight.

  1. Do not suffocate!

Many couples love to practice sado-maso in the bedroom, but you must know that some of them are potentially fatal. Suffocation, for example, is particularly dangerous even before and after an orgasm. Your beloved will not be able to control 100% even before he ejaculates and risk exerting too much force on your trachea. There are even cases of  men  who have been sentenced to jail because they suffocated their lovers or wives until they killed them without sex during sex. The most dangerous position for a woman is the head down.

  1. Do not let it blow your air in your vagina!

Couples sometimes enjoy breathing or breathing air on erogenous areas, most often nipples, ears or throats. Blowing air into the vagina (not on the clitoris, but even inside the vagina) can cause the woman an embolism and even death. Even if it sounds hard to believe, it’s true and fatal, so take care of it!

  1. Do not use strange objects!

I have often read in the press about men who have hurt their lovers, by introducing their most bizarre objects into the vagina. This is not a joke! Summarize to use specially created objects for sex, vibrators, anal beads and other sexual toys. There have been cases where partners have experimented with pumps or vacuum cleaners and have ended up disastrous. Pump pressure can break your intestines, even if they are at a considerable distance from the anus. And the hose of a vacuum cleaner can cause serious injury to a penis. Even a jet of water can cause unimaginable injuries. Stimulating the clitoris with a small jet of water can be fun, but if the jet is strong and is directed inside the vagina it can severely affect the phallopean and ovarian tubes.

  1. Do not use Spanish Musk!

Dust, whose main ingredient is cantharide (a powder obtained from cockroaches), is considered an aphrodisiac, but it is actually poisonous. The dose that is supposed to trigger the erection can inflame the penis and even lead to a kidney crisis. Aphrodisiacs based on cantarides have been declared illegal in the US.

  1. Do not have sex under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances!

It is said that sex under the influence of these substances is passionate, but their side effects can be serious or even fatal. The stars seem to like to have sex under the influence of cocaine. It looks like this drug numbs anal and makes anal pain. On the other hand, if you take into account the number of people killed by cocaine overdoses, you realize it’s not worth the risk.